Other tours in Santiago de Compostela

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Apart from the daily based tours offered within the established schedules, we also have other visits through the City of Santiago de Compostela for private groups and previous booking.

Tapa tour
Guided visit through Santiago de Compostela based specially on having tapas. It is a combination of a guided tour with four tapas (and corresponding drinks) in four different places. You will be accompanied by the guide at all times learning about the city and to tell you about the world famous Galicia gastronomy.

Green Route
This tour goes through the Alameda Park and through the river pass along the Sarela River, that borders the city.

We will see ancient river mills, bridges, roads and autochthonous trees and vegetation of the area. We will also walk a small portion of the Way that belongs to the Camino from Santiago to Finisterre. This tour has been specially thought up for nature lovers. To learn and differentiate the different plants, flowers, trees that belong and are unique in Galicia. The traditional uses they have in brews, medicines,… But we will also learn of rooted Galician legends and characters (the brotherhood of the Santa Compaña, “las lavandeiras”…)

Bonaval Park and the Museum of Galician People
This visit is centered in the convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval and its different rooms, that have been transformed into different buildings and spaces for public use.

The tour starts visiting the interior of the Convent, transformed into what its today, the Museum of Galicia People (Museo do Pobo Galego). Its spaces are dedicated to tell Galicia’s history and where distinctive people that are part of Galicia’s history rest in peace, such as Rosalía de Castro or Castelao among others.

The tour also visits Bonaval Park, that completely surrounds the Monastery and that to present day still holds the architecture of the old garden, with its vegetable patches, rooms and the old convent’s cemetery. This is actually one of the most beautiful gardens and most surprising places in Santiago de Compostela.

City of Culture (Cidade da Cultura)
This tour is perfect for architect lovers. The Cidade da Cultura is a monumental complex in the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela. It is a mixture of modernism and nature. The complex hold Galicia’s Library and Newspapers Archive and is formed also with other buildings such as the Hedjuk Towers. All have been designed by the American Architect Peter Einseiman.

After visiting the City of Culture, we would proceed through el Bosque de Galicia and we will also visit the Collegiate Church of Santa María del Mar, outlying the City. It is one of the oldest churches in the area and it is peculiar because it is completely crooked for several centuries.

Last kilometers of the French Way
For lovers of the road, those who plan to do it, or those who want to know what they have to get to the city of Santiago as a pilgrim.

In this tour the last kilometers of the Camino de Santiago are walked from Monte do Gozo. This mount gets its name from the joy it sent to the ancient pilgrims upon reaching this point, since here is the first place from which they can see the towers of the Cathedral and the city of Santiago itself. In this guided tour, the meaning of symbols such as the scallop, the pumpkin or the Santiago cross is also explained.

Treasure hunt
The old town of Santiago (which is pedestrian) is divided into three parts: north, south and east. Each team is responsible for solving the questions that arise in each of these areas. And each answer will lead us to the final treasure hunt. At the same time that the questions are solved, you also learn about different historical-artistic aspects of the city.

(Special for schools and educational centers).