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Freetour Santiago

Meeting Point

Obradoiro Square
Look for the Blue Umbrella

Starting hour

10 H English
18 H Spanish


2 hours tour


You decide the price!

Who was the first pilgrim? How did St. Jame’s Way commence and why was the Cathedral built? Why is the almond pie so typical in Santiago? Who were the Two Mary’s?

The “meigas” (witches), the “queimada” (moonshine), the Celts, the “castros” (forts), the Way to “Finisterre” (the end of the world), Santiago’s University, the sound of the Galician bagpipe, the scallop and the pumpkin, the “cruceiros” (large crosses in road intersections) and the “horreos” (granaries on stilts), the jet and the granite, the “Santa Compaña” (Holy Company), the Inquisition…. Galicia is magical and the Santiago is the heart of Galicia.

If you want to know the history of our World Heritage City, we encourage you to follow us in our freetour. We will answer your questions in a fun and dynamic way.

Our tour starts in the Plaza del Obradoiro and from there we visit the other important squares in the old part of Santiago


  • Azabachería
  • Quintana
  • Platerías
  • Fonseca
  • Toural

We’ll stroll through its medieval streets.

  • Rúa do Franco
  • Rúa do Vilar
  • Rúa da Raíña
  • Rúa Nova
  • Hidden alleyways

We will touch the remains of its ancient rampart and see over the most distinguished monuments and buildings.


  • The Hostal de los Reyes Católicos
  • The Mercado de Abastos
  • The Casa do Cabildo

We are very proud of Santiago so we not only enjoy sharing its history, but also the legends and mysteries that made Compostela what it is today.  And of course we cannot forget that Compostela is not only history, it is also gastronomy and for sure we will share with you the best places to eat and/or to have a drink and maybe toast for the accomplished mission of obtaing the Compostela.

We highly recommend you book to guarantee your place since there is a limited number of attendees in each group. After the freetour you can join the different gastronomic activities that we offer in the city.