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We all heard about or played the Game of the Goose.

In Spanish goose is “oca”. For sure at some moment we have all pronounced the phrase: “from goose to goose and I play again because I choose”, but has anyone ever wondered where this game comes from? Well for that is what this tour is for, to reveal the origins of the Game of the Goose. Since we are in Santiago de Compostela, this is the perfect gameboard where to start playing!

Few know, but the 16th Century traditional Game of the Goose has much to do with St. Jame’s Way.

Many are the researchers who have searched for proof of it, but despite this hardly anyone knows the meaning of the secret symbols that didn’t withstand the passage of time have been erased from our minds.

The night tour of the Camino de la Oca aims to highlight the origins of the Goose game. A demonstration that the gameboard of the Goose is nothing more than a compilation at a smaller scale of what the pilgrims found along St. James’ Way.

When the pilgrimage began, most people were illiterate, speaking different languages, the maps were non-existent and as a consequence the The Way was hostile and dangerous.

The Order of the Templars were assigned the task of designing an authentic and true Pilgrim Guide. Having in mind the resources they had at the time this is what they came up with: the design of a gameboard that each pilgrim could easily memorize as an authentic “roadmap” of the Way.

Do you want to play, learn more? Well uou cannot miss this tour then.  Full of history, tradition, symbols, myths … Without any doubt it will also help us understand why Galicia has always been a land full of magic and legends.