Pick up your box, gather your group, download the app and start playing.

What is a Escape City Game?

Escape City Box works with a phone app, available for both Android and iPhone, in which you will find videos, games, clues and information about the monuments you will encounter while solving the enigma.

We will also hand you a box containing police reports, pictures, letters, and everything you may need to complete this crime spree.

Thanks to Escape City Box, you will have the chance to explore Santiago de Compostela in an innovative and unusual way. Gone are the corseted escape rooms: unleash your imagination without four-wall limitations. Escape City Box breaks the traditional schemes of escape rooms, adapting to current times to provide you with unlimited fun.

The Spear of Destiny, also known as the “Spear of Longinus”, could be hidden somewhere in Santiago de Compostela. Legend has it that it ‘s got divine powers and the one who owns it will win every forthcoming battle. For this reason, it has been coveted by great leaders around the world for centuries.

In this new Escape City Box adventure, you must help Sarah Levi, a young university student who has been on the trail of this and other relics linked to Jesus Christ for years. You will also have the advice of Bosco, our most faithful informant, who will update you on whatever comes about.


Are you ready to discover where the Spear of Destiny is?

In your search for a serial killer, you will discover curious facts about the different buildings in the city. For example, you will learn that the Collegiate Church of Santa María A Real Do Sar is the only one in Santiago with a Romanesque cloister and that its arches are leaning because of apparent leaks caused by water from the river Sar.

While you try to catch the criminal, you will stumble upon the House of the Dean or the Church of San Matiño Pinario, putting your mind to the test in a unique setting: the streets of Santiago de Compostela.

This way, you will take the leading role in a detective story while exploring curious, hidden spots of the city. Strolling across the streets and squares of Santiago will never be the same, since Escape City Box allows you to unmask the city in an unconventional way. Not only will you look after clues to catch the murderer, but you will also visit and learn about the main attractions in Santiago thanks to the phone app.