Pick up your box, gather your group, download the app and start playing.

What is a Escape City Game?

Escape City Box offers you a mobile application, available for both Android and iPhone in which you will find videos, games and clues as well as all the information about the monuments that you will find in your search for the masked killer.

We will also provide you with a box in which you will find police reports, photographs, letters, etc. so you have everything you need to end this crime spree.

From this moment, thanks to Escape City Box you have the opportunity to experience Santiago de Compostela in a new and different way. Gone are the corseted escape rooms: we have removed all spatial limits from the escape rooms in order to unleash your imagination. Escape City Box breaks the traditional schemes of escape rooms to adapt them to current times so that you can have unlimited fun.

The Spear of Destiny or also known as the “Lanza de Longinos” could be hidden somewhere in the city of Santiago de Compostela. Legend has it that he has divine powers and that everyone who possesses it will win every battle he faces. For this reason, it has been the object of desire by great political leaders throughout history.

In this new Escape City Box adventure, you must help Sarah Levi, a young university student who has been on the trail of this and other relics linked to Jesus Christ for years. You will also have the advice of Bosco, our most faithful informant, who will update you on everything.

Will you be able to discover where the holy spear is?

In your search for a serial killer, you will learn curious facts about Compostela buildings such as that the Collegiate Church of Santa María A Real Do Sar is the only church in all of Santiago that has a Romanesque cloister and that its arches are inclined by what seems to be leaks. of water from the river Sar in its foundations.

At the same time that you try to catch our criminal, you will be able to see the House of the Dean or the Church of San Matiño Pinario, putting your mind to the test in a unique setting: the streets of Santiago de Compostela.

In this way, your team of detectives will become the protagonist of an exciting story while you discover curious and interesting corners of the city. It will never be the same to stroll through the streets of Santiago and its many squares, since Escape City Box offers you a new way to get to know the city in depth: while you focus on catching our masked murderer, you will visit the most important of the city thanks to its application in which you will find the most important information of each building that surrounds you.