What is a free tour?


It is a gratuity-based guided tour.

Are they free of charge?

No, you are free to decide how much you pay.

At the end of the tour, each client decides how much they want to tip the guide for the visit they have done.

Free ≠ 0 euros

Free = To pay what you decide

Are they legal?

Yes, of course.

We are a registered company with hired employees, and we pay our taxes.

Other free tour guides may not comply with the legislation, we can only speak for ourselves.


Are you oficial guides?

Yes, we are all recognised by Turismo de Galicia.

Galician legislation is pretty clear  (D.73/2015) and it is mandatory to be an official guide to work in any Asset of Cultural Interest.

Why do people like them?

Because they are free and fun.

They are affordable for those travelling on a budget and our guides will try their best to offer you an amazing tour.