SimónTour guide

    Graduate in Tourism. Guide from 2019

    “I enjoy being a guide in Santiago de Compostela very much, touring its intricate and lively streets, discovering its origin and its close relationship with pilgrims that have been arriving at this city since hundreds of years ago. It is the city at the end of the Camino.

    My favorite place in Santiago de Compostela is the Plaza de la Quintana (Square of the Esplanade), the Plaza de Vivos (Square of the Alive) and the Plaza de Muertos (Square of the Dead). One of the most historic places in Santiago. Various historical ages meet in this square. It can be a collected and quiet place during the winter as bustling and international during the summer. This space is fantastic outdoor concerts one of the best parties in the city. During the City’s festivities the outdoor concerts take place here which makes them of the best activities in the program”.