The city and its gastronomy

In this page you will find the best recommendations in Santiago de Compostela, from our point of view. All these places are special for us and they have something different. Also we, people that live in Santiago, use to go to this places for dinner, tapas, hanging out with friends…

This recompilation is only based in our experience about what we think, are the best places to spend your stay in Santiago.

We do not receive any kind of benefit or commission from them.

  CHEGAR E ENCHER (arrive and fulfil)

This is a very typical Galician sentence and defines perfectly the common gastronomic spirit in Galicia. And the gastronomy is a very important part of the Galician culture.

We have summarized in the following map the best places to continue enjoying the city.


Bars and tapas

Breakfasts and snacks

Drinks and nightlife

Souvenir shops

Museums and other monuments